FAQ: SyncStream and ACA Tracking & Reporting

Q: What do I need to do now that SyncStream is part of the process?

As of August 1, 2022 ACA Tracking & Reporting clients need to retrieve all reports from the SyncStream system, at dashaca.com.

Q: What is going to happen to my reports on the SET SEG Member Portal?

All historically-filed forms and compliance reports prior to January 1, 2022, will remain on the SET SEG Member Portal.

Q: Are there changes to the data file upload process?

No, all data files will still be uploaded through the SET SEG Member Portal using the same data specifications as before.

Q: I am having trouble logging in to SyncStream. What is my username and/or how do I reset my password?

Find username:

  • Your username was created in the format “ACA_” + “SET SEG Member Portal Username”
  • When logged in to the SET SEG Member Portal, your username should be displayed in the top right corner next to “Welcome”
  • Example:
    • When John Smith logs in, he sees “Welcome jsmith” just above his district’s name.
    • His SyncStream username would be: ACA_jsmith
  • Usernames are not case sensitive.

Reset password:

  • Click here to navigate the SyncStream login page
  • Enter your username
  • Click Next
  • Click Forgot Password?
  • You should receive an email within the next 5–10 minutes with a link to reset your password
  • Please make sure to check your spam filter
  • If you don’t receive an email and it has been longer than 20 minutes, please email customerservice@setseg.org with this information
  • If your email address has recently changed, it is possible that your SyncStream account is still linked to your old one
Q: Where do I find my 1095-C forms?

Copies of all filed 1095-C forms (prior to 2022) are located in your SET SEG Member Portal, on the ACA Tracking & Reporting page.

Draft 1095-C forms for 2022 are available for preview in SyncStream, on the Reporting Home page, found under the ACA Reporting tab.

Q: How do I get access to SyncStream?

SyncStream access is provided to those that have ACATR permissions in the SET SEG Member Portal.

  • If you have recently been granted permission to ACATR, it may take up to two business days before you receive additional login instructions for SyncStream. Please contact customerservice@setseg.org if it has been more than 3 days and you have still not received login instructions. These are sent through a secure email, so be sure to check your spam.
  • If you do not have permissions to ACATR, please contact your primary user.

If you are having issues with your SyncStream account, including trouble logging in, please contact customerservice@setseg.org.

Q: What if I manage ACA Compliance for multiple districts?

User accounts will be assigned privileges to manage multiple district SyncStream dashboards in a similar fashion to the SET SEG Member Portal’s process.

Q: Should I use the ICHRA Calculator on the Plan Builder page?

If you think that you are offering an ICHRA plan, please contact customerservice@setseg.org, as your current configuration may not be accurate.

Q: Should I be concerned if a 1095-C form is being generated for a calculated non-full-time employee?

If line 16 is blank on any given month, the district may have a compliance risk for that specific month. If line 16 is populated, you do not need to be concerned. Only ACA-eligible employees that are enrolled in a self-insured medical plan will receive a form. A complete form review is administered during the year-end process.

Q: Why is the ACA Tracking Home page displaying “No Data Available?”

This appears when your district does not have any payroll uploaded for the current year. Click “run payroll report” to instead see historical payroll information.

 Q: Why is the ACA Tracking Home page displaying “0” for the Average FTE count?

This occurs when your district does not have any payroll uploaded for the current year. Click on the previous year to instead see your average FTE.

Q: Why are SyncStream hire or termination Dates different from those submitted in the employee file?

SET SEG modifies hire or termination dates for employees to meet the tracking requirements of the Affordable Care Act while minimizing potential compliance risk. In cases where an employee is hired before starting work, SET SEG modifies the hire date to reduce unnecessary risk during the months before an employee starts work.

In cases where an employee continues working after the submitted termination date, SET SEG will modify the termination date to adhere to ACA tracking requirements to ensure all hours are tracked in employee measurements. Employee working hours are determined by data submitted in the Payroll File.