Meet The Team


Timothy Averill Executive Director
John Hagel Chief Operating Officer
Brian Flowerday Chief Administrator of Employee Benefits
Amy Guilford Chief Administrator of PC Pool & WC Fund
Gary Holbrook Chief Information Officer
Dennis Rogoszewski Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Truscott Chief Corporate Communications Officer


Stephanie Anderson Underwriting Manager
Jim DuRussel Property/Casualty Claim Manager
Rachael Feldpausch PC/WC Claim Department Manager
Moranda Gowell Marketing Manager
Ashley Guttman IS Project Manager
Cathy Hungerford Administrative Services Manager
Kyle Koch Project Manager for Employee Benefits Services
Eileen Lederle Business Process Manager of Employee Benefits Services
Amy Maneval Controller
Megan McNamara Human Resources Manager
Molly Mellema Associate Administrator of PC Pool & WC Fund
Steve Privasky Program Manager
Chad Schaberg Employee Benefits Marketing Manager
Tom Seward IS Manager
Janet Sluiter PC Claim Manager
Jessica Straub EB Client Support Manager

Account Executives

Jim Derocher EB and PC/WC Account Executive
Bob Donaldson EB Account Executive
Scott Fritz EB Account Executive & Member Support
Paul Grienke PC/WC Account Executive
Sean Kribs PC/WC Account Executive
Heather Menzies EB Account Executive
Darci Muller PC/WC Account Executive
Logan Suttmann EB Account Executive
Travis Van Tighem Senior PC/WC Sales & Development Specialist

Loss Control & Field Adjusters

Skip Barclay Loss Control Representative
John Danielson Field Adjuster PC Pool
Mike Grosso Loss Control Consultant
Jamison Hagerty Loss Control Representative & Executive Operations Supervisor
Gus Kihlstrand Loss Control Consultant
Bob Staple Loss Control Representative
Darlene Wood Loss Control Consultant