History & Governance

The SEG Self-Insurer Workers’ Compensation Fund was created in 1977, when many commercial insurance carriers viewed the public school market as high risk and unprofitable. The purpose of the Fund was, and still is, focusing on the needs of Michigan public schools and ensuring they have access to comprehensive workers’ compensation with steady rates.  

The Fund is comprised and governed by a board of trustees known as educational leaders from across the state. Board members are elected by Fund members and serve three year terms. The board is responsible for establishing the Fund’s investment policy in accordance with state regulations in addition to other oversight duties.  

Board Members 

Jan Amsterburg Resized.jpgChairman
Jan Amsterburg
Superintendent, Gratiot-Isabella RESD



Gregory Gray Resized.jpgSecretary-Treasurer
Gregory Gray
Superintendent, Brighton Area Schools



Wanda Cook-Robinson Resized.jpgTrustee
Wanda Cook-Robinson
Superintendent, Oakland Schools



Thomas Martin Resized.jpgTrustee 
Thomas K. Martin
Superintendent, West Ottawa Public Schools



Angie McArthur Resized.jpgTrustee
Angie McArthur
Superintendent, Engadine Consolidated Schools



Jeffery Mills Resized.jpgTrustee 
Jeffrey Mills
Superintendent, Van Buren ISD



Steve Prissel Resized.jpgTrustee
Steve Prissel
Superintendent, Elk Rapids Schools



Don Wortuba Resized.jpgTrustee
Don Wotruba
Executive Director, Mich. Assn. of School Boards