Tips for Success: Virtual Open Enrollment

This season will be different. As districts work through the many challenges that accompany a school year held during a global pandemic, annual open enrollment is just another practice that must be reimagined.

Follow these simple steps to deliver a streamlined and supportive VIRTUAL open enrollment!

    1. Record your resources.
      The best way to quickly and efficiently deliver education and updates is to share short, topic-centric videos.

      How to Create a Video:
      Videos can be easily developed in-house by recording a presentation in an online meeting platform, like Zoom – you don’t even need to have anyone in attendance! Just start a meeting, share your screen to show presentation slides, hit record, and begin.

      Best Practices

      • Keep it simple – avoid investing significant time in video editing.
      • Provide convenient access – save recorded videos in an easy to access, shared location and send links to the videos to employees to watch at their convenience.
      • Segment videos by topic – split your presentation up into bite-sized pieces by topic and record a separate video for each. For example:
        • High-level plan options
        • Carrier benefits and coverage details
        • Enrollment process instructions
      1. Offer virtual group and one-on-one meetings.
        Make sure to offer your employees access to public and private support channels. Keep meetings short and accommodate all schedules by offering a variety of date and time options for staff to ask questions.
      1. Provide a process roadmap or checklist.
        Share a brief list of tasks that outline exactly what steps employees need to complete and include deadlines.

 Implement these simple, but highly effective steps to optimize the virtual open enrollment experience for your employees!