Maintenance Tips for a Smooth Summer Break

Workers' Compensation Safety Program

With summer break quickly approaching, it is important to prepare for the unique risks brought by extended breaks from school. As you progress through your summer maintenance items, use the tips below to help evaluate what needs to be done and how to stay safe during work.

Cleaning Risks

Be aware of risks specific to summer cleaning as you tidy up after a busy school year and prepare for the fall. Keep the following in mind as you clean:

  • Chemicals used to strip and wax floors cause extremely slippery surfaces. Prevent slips and falls by using proper footwear.
  • Moving furniture and purging unwanted items without the proper equipment leads to injuries. Use desk movers, dollies, and team lifting to prevent injury.
  • Check and replace filters and conduct regular uni-vent maintenance while cleaning.
School Grounds Maintenance

Spring and summer bring better weather, providing the opportunity for extra attention to maintenance of school grounds. Here are some quick tips to help prevent damage:

  • Trimming trees regularly prevents damage to grounds and buildings when inclement weather occurs.
  • Pesticides and other chemicals are effective, but dangerous. Wearing proper protective equipment shields workers from hazardous materials.
  • Preventative maintenance on playgrounds protects children from injuries. Inspect playground equipment regularly to identify issues early.
  • Inspect and repair sidewalks and parking lots often. Cracks and uneven surfaces lead to tripping and falling.
  • Regularly inspect the roof. Identifying issues early prevents further costly damages.
Miscellaneous Maintenance

Cleaning and grounds maintenance risks increase during the summer months – here are a few extra items to keep a watchful eye over:

  • Inspect and test fire systems throughout the entire building. Check automatic extinguishing systems in the kitchens, all sprinkler systems, manual fire alarm pull stations, and ensure audible alarms are functioning properly.
  • Bleachers should be inspected often to ensure structural safety and timely repairs of damages.
  • Check all electrical systems to identify any potential risks or maintenance concerns. Electrical fires are dangerous and can happen in an instant.
  • Complete thorough boiler inspections, including CSD1 testing and any applicable jurisdictional inspections.

Your efforts to inspect all maintenance concerns and risks are some of the most important aspects of injury and loss prevention. Your expertise and diligence keep your school community safe from danger. Click on the links on this page for maintenance checklists and inspection forms to help guide efforts and provide easy resources to keep your schools safe!