Funding for School Safety Assessments

Funding for School Safety Assessments

Thanks to the efforts of Secure Education Consultants (SEC) and the Michigan state legislature, funding is available for Michigan public schools to conduct physical site assessments of their facilities. We urge all SET SEG members to take advantage of this funding and contact SEC to schedule a site assessment as soon as possible.

The Need for Site Assessments

Keeping your students and employees safe is of the utmost importance. Following recent acts of violence that have occurred in our schools, districts have been quick to defend their facilities with any number of products and services. However, without knowing the weaknesses or gaps in a district’s security plan, blindly buying products can give a false sense of security as they may not be addressing that district’s specific needs.

SEC President Jason Russell likens this scenario to a doctor and pharmacy relationship: “In Michigan, we were sending schools right to the pharmacy without ever sending them to the doctor first.” A site assessment is like going to the doctor – SEC thoroughly examines your facilities and identifies potential vulnerabilities while offering strategies to improve the safety and security of your district.

Why SEC?

SET SEG has long partnered with SEC to provide our members with the best possible security consultation available. With over 100 years of combined security and law enforcement experience, SEC is rapidly becoming one of the largest security assessment firms in the country. They quite simply have more experience than any other security consultation organizations serving public schools.

Having a strong partnership with SEC has been crucial for our district. Jason and his team really listen to what our needs are, the unique problems we face, and the concerns we have. It gives me great comfort knowing we have the most professional, highest-level group of experts helping us keep our students, staff, and community safe.

Dr. Embekka Roberson, Birmingham Schools

Russell and the experienced consultants at SEC worked with the Michigan legislative body to make grant funds for site assessments possible. They developed the requirements and guidelines for assessors, ensuring your district’s interests are put first. There truly is no other group better suited for these assessments.

Contact SEC at or (616) 528-4071 to secure state funding and set up your site assessment. Click here for more information about SEC’s site assessment process.