Protect Your School Community – Win an Award for Facilities Excellence

Every year, we recognize outstanding members of the Property/Casualty Pool and Workers’ Compensation Fund by rewarding their proactive efforts to protect their district’s buildings and grounds. The Michigan Safety Awareness and Facilities Excellence (MSAFE) Award was instituted to show our appreciation for member districts that do everything they can to limit claims while protecting students and employees.

Safety Considerations

What are districts like the recent regional MSAFE Award winners doing to successfully protect their facilities? They put in place procedures and products that maintain a consistent level of safety.

Slips, trips, and falls are a constant concern in any state, but Michigan’s climate can be especially hazardous. Transitioning seasons supply enough rain, ice, and snow to require a number of solutions to limit those risks. Consider adding things like non-slip stair treads, floor mats, wet floor signs, and more to your safety repertoire.

You Could Be the Next Winner!

Regional MSAFE awards are announced annually. If you haven’t been selected yet, ask your Loss Control Consultant what you can do to preserve the safety of your facilities and grounds. Instituting our safety recommendations raises your chances for winning this award.

What’s more, regional MSAFE winners are entered into a second drawing for an overall grand prize MSAFE Award. Grand prize winners provide the most proactive safety operations for the year out of all of our member districts.

Safety Recommendations