File a Claim

Use the links below to report claims incurred during the term of your coverage with the MASB-SEG Property/Casualty Pool. For a guide on how to file a claim with CCMSI, click here.

  • Property Loss Form 
    Any loss involving the theft or physical damage to any member-owned property. This claim form may also be used for Building, Equipment Breakdown, Cyber, Crime, Outdoor Property and Damage to Equipment.
  • General Liability Form
    Any visitor or student injury arising out of the district’s operations. This claim form may also be used for Bodily Injury, Med Pay, Property Damage to a Third party, Assault and others (discrimination/Violation of Statute/employment matters)

If you are unsure of which form to use, please feel free to contact the Property/Casualty Department at (800) 292-5421.

After Hours Emergency: (866) 633-0004