Are Your Properties Ready for the School Year?

With the school year swiftly approaching, it’s important to take care of annual maintenance and inspections before students start roaming your halls.

Thankfully, our Loss Control team has put together a number of useful documents to help your district prepare for the new semester. See below for a few critical things to look out for.


Inspect playgrounds regularly and take care of required maintenance early to avoid any unnecessary hazards. Click here to review our playground checklist and conduct your own inspection.

FREE Member Benefit: Members of the Property/Casualty Pool may receive a playground inspection at no cost! Contact your Loss Control Consultant for more information.


Check roofs regularly, but especially after storms, to ensure a small problem doesn’t turn into a big, costly project. Doing so at the beginning of the school year (or earlier!) ensures limited disruption of classroom activities. Consider reviewing our Preventing Roof Losses Checklist by clicking here.

Vacant Buildings

Are any buildings in your district not opening back up this school year? Any building with less than 31 percent occupancy is officially considered “vacant.” This excludes buildings that are under construction or undergoing renovations.

It is the member’s responsibility to notify the Pool of any changes in vacancy status as soon as the change occurs. Reach out to your Account Executive as soon as possible if any of your properties have officially become vacant.

Athletic Facilities

Fall sports are just around the corner! Be sure to inspect spectator stands for structural degradation and verify that they’re grounded. This would be a good time for indoor bleacher inspections as well. Additionally, make sure to keep lighting well maintained.

While facility inspections are a regular part of any property ownership, the oncoming addition of students into the mix adds an extra level of pressure. Please refer to our Building and Property Resource Center to view a collection of checklists and flyers that can help you prepare for another safe school year. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your Loss Control Consultant for guidance.