ACA Filing Requirements – Tracking and Reporting Year-End Checklist

Is your district prepared for another ACA filing deadline? While staying compliant with the ACA is a yearlong task, all related filings are due to the IRS by March 2, 2021. To help your district meet all ACA filing requirements, please review SET SEG’s annual Year-End 1095-C Filing Checklist to make sure you are meeting deadlines and capturing all necessary information.

This checklist is one of many helpful tools offered as part of the SET SEG ACA Tracking & Reporting Service to help you stay on top of all ACA-related responsibilities, from data organization to official file submission, and is one reason why none of our participating organizations have received an IRS assessment to date.

The year-end checklist covers all district responsibilities to complete your ACA filing, including*: 

  • Review 2020 draft 1095-C forms
  • Upload all 2020 payroll data
  • Report any active employees that have been offered Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans, COBRA, or are receiving employer-sponsored disability payments
  • Report employees to whom you made conditional offers
You can view the entire 1095-C filing checklist, here.

*Please note that this checklist was created for SET SEG members that currently utilize our ACA Tracking & Reporting Service. Organizations that are not enrolled in this service are responsible for all items on the checklist, including the completion and filing of the 1095-C form.