Cyber Security Resources

Cybercriminals are attacking schools at an alarming rate. Malicious actors are exposing personally identifiable information, demanding millions of dollars of ransom, and districts are losing valuable time and money before they are able to regain control of their systems. Protect your district by utilizing the resources below and contacting SET SEG immediately if you need help!

Register for JumpStart

Required for all SET SEG Pool members by July 1

SET SEG, in conjunction with our cyber partners, Arctic Wolf, has released a vulnerability scan platform, Cyber JumpStart, for our members at no additional cost to districts. Cyber JumpStart will both protect your district from hijacked systems and help ensure the requirements of your cyber coverage are fulfilled. Register now to:

  • Scan your network for the vulnerabilities responsible for most cyber insurance claims
  • Create your incident response plan
  • Learn how to implement security controls

NOTE: Districts who choose not to conduct regular vulnerability scans will be subject to a minimum deductible of $100,000 in the event of a cyber claim.