Compliance -- Emerging Exposures & New Risks

Best Practices:

  • Ensure all students have free and appropriate access to education regardless of disability or cost barriers.
  • Disseminate updated school policy details to staff to ensure they understand your COVID-19 policy and current CDC guidelines.
    • Make sure each employee signs an agreement stating they understand and will abide by the policies.
  • Involve your HR team or legal counsel for HR decisions, FMLA, layoffs, furloughs, and terminations.
  • Utilize a remote platform, like Zoom, to hold contact-less forums, such as public meetings and board functions.
    • Make sure to stay in compliance with the Open Meetings Act, due process, and privacy issues in a remote environment.
  • Make sure your compliance training is up to date. View the Guide to Compliance Training for Michigan Public School Employees for updated training and compliance information.