Estimated Payroll 2018-2019

For guidance filling out this form, please refer to the employee classification list

Please enter your estimated payroll figures with no commas or decimals
This classification includes: Mechanics, Bus Aides, Garage Helper, Bus Drivers, Substitute Drivers, Supervisors (if they have a CDL).
This classification includes: Board Members (minimum income, $1,000 for each board member), Election Officials, Computer/IT employees (with no supervisory duties), Accounting Clerks, Secretaries, and Administrative Assistants.
This classification includes: paraprofessionals/aides and paraprofessionals/aides- special needs.
This classification includes: Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, Information Systems/Technology (with supervisory duties), Department Managers and Supervisors.
This classification includes: Cooks, Custodians, Athletic Officials, Maintenance, Security, Cafeteria Help, Grounds Keeper as well as their supervisors unless the supervisors work in the office only and never in the department/grounds.
Please enter your total number of employees as reported on your Second Quarter Employers Quarterly Tax Return Form 941 for 2017, Line 1.
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Employees Outside Michigan:
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