Safety Program

In 2023, the Workers’ Compensation Fund will distribute up to $550,000 to Fund members in an effort to promote products that will help decrease common injuries that occur inside the classroom.

This year, the Workers’ Compensation Safety Program is focusing on preventing top workplace injuries ranging from parapro protection to ladder safety and preventing slips. Fund members will receive a check in the spring that can be used on any safety items or equipment they feel is appropriate for their school population. We have identified six items we highly recommend to all organizations to prevent the leading causes of accidents.

Product Recommendations

  • Fixed ladders
  • Step ladders
  • Kevlar sleeves
  • Educational Insights classroom light filters
  • YakTrax (for outdoor use only)
  • Anti-slip coating for buses

We encourage you to utilize these funds for items that increase all types of safety and security measures in your district.