Register for Your MyCyber Account!

To help defend our members from cyberthreats, SET SEG has partnered with Tetra Defense, a leading cyber defense firm that has significant experience in the education industry. The organization offers a customized learning experience, providing members with a tailored knowledge base that informs users of threats based on scans of their own systems using Tetra Defense’s MyCyber platform.

By registering for MyCyber, your district will receive monthly scans from Tetra Defense identifying any weak spots in their network that bad actors could take advantage of. Users will then receive a breakdown of imminent and less-pressing threats as well as a number of cyber hygiene projects to resolve them.

Resources provided by the MyCyber platform aren’t just basic FAQs you could find on the internet. The recommended cyber hygiene projects and associated threats are defined by professionals tirelessly engaging these cyber threats every day. The information your district will soon have access to is the most relevant information available regarding cyber defense.

Use the link and registration code below to sign up for your MyCyber account. Organization leaders can register first, then invite teammates within MyCyber. Please do not register your organization more than once.

Registration Code