Property Appraisal Service

Our property appraisal service is provided at no additional cost to our members. This service provides members with detailed, comprehensive reports on the value of a district’s buildings and contents. Accurate property valuation data helps members recognize the true value of their buildings and contents, which is particularly helpful in identifying replacement costs.

Appraisals are conducted by CBIZ Valuation Group, a nationally recognized company that works with dozens of public entity risk pools, including those serving public schools.

Following each appraisal, CBIZ provides the following reports to each member of the Pool:

  • Valuation comparison report – compares new replacement cost valuation of each building and its contents to its current insured value and indicates the change in total insured value for all buildings and contents. A comments section explains any variances.

  • Building summary report – groups buildings together based on their site, and lists each building’s square footage and construction type. Replacement costs for each building, its contents and site improvements are detailed.

  • Building detail report – features building and site details about the location, age, construction and upgrades for every structure in a school district. It provides summary data on the replacement cost for the building and its contents.