Incident Reporting is Quick and Easy.

Click on the  incident report forms below  to promptly report an incident or notice of complaint to the MASB-SEG Property/Casualty Pool. 

Auto Incident
All accidents/incidents involving member-owned vehicles, regardless of how minor.
General Liability
Any visitor or student injury arising out of the district's operations. This claim form may also be used for Bodily Injury, Med Pay, Property Damage to a Third party, Assault and others (discrimination/Violation of Statute/employment matters).  
Notice of Complaint
Provide immediate notice to the Pool when a lawsuit is served upon the school.
Property Loss
Any loss involving the theft or physical damage to any member-owned property. This claim form may also be used for Building, Equipment Breakdown, Cyber, Crime, Outdoor Property and Damage to Equipment. 
Medical Payment Claim
For reimbursement of medical payment.