2017 Camp Scholarship Application

The SET SEG Foundation will award 65 scholarships to the Michigan Associations of Student Councils & Honor Societies Summer Leadership Camp taking place at Albion College July 23-28.

For more information about camp, visit http://mascmahs.org/camp

Applications are due by May 5 and scholarship recipients will be notified in June. 

If you are selected, this is the number that will be called. Please make sure that your voicemail is able to accept messages.
This email will be used to notify you of your scholarship status. Please list an email that is frequently checked (may use parent or guardian's email).
If you are not involved in any, please say "none." This will not hurt your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Please answer the questions below in short answer form. Each answer should be no more than 150 words.

You may upload your short answers here (recommended). If you choose this option, please save the file as your first and last name.