Compliance Support

This service provides support to business offices in their effort to fulfill health insurance compliance requirements associated with school district benefit plans. Our team of experts will help districts alleviate their workload and reduce their risk by identifying potential compliance issues and providing tools, materials and resources to comply with state and federal regulations.


Access to Resources

  •  Annual state and federal compliance assessment
  •  Michigan Public Act 106 of 2007 health insurance bidding
  •  Michigan Public Act 152 of 2011 compliance verification
  •  Support for compliance related questions
  •  Relevant and timely compliance alerts, reminders, and webinars
  •  ACA assessment appeal support

Employee Communication Assistance

  •  Required employee notice preparation
  •  Medicare creditable coverage support
  •  Compiled notices document to supplement district’s annual open enrollment materials

Documentation Tools

  • Section 125 plan document and election form checkup
  •  Health and welfare plan document and summary plan description
  •  Health insurance administration recordkeeping